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Julian McCombe  LLB, LLM, Barrister, MBPsS, Dip Psych, PGDip Psych

Lawyer, Consultant and Coach

Julian is a lawyer, consultant and performance coach with more than 15 years’ experience of organisational and leadership development in the legal, regulatory, financial services and engineering sectors. He has a powerful record of successful delivery of the most challenging of OD projects, including a £multi-million change programme for the 2012 London Olympics and a 2-year transformation programme for the FCA. Working in these politically and structurally complex organisations, he possesses well-honed programme management (PRINCE2) skills.

A member of the British Psychological Society (NEO/ MBTI), Julian is increasingly engaged in high performance coaching in the legal sector, utilising strength-based approaches to assist lawyers in realising their full potential. Identifying those areas in which his clients are naturally gifted and professionally excel, he works with them to elevate their performance to a level of outstanding achievement, whilst downplaying those areas in which they perform less well. Generating new ideas through Appreciative Inquiry (AI), Julian encourages his clients to explore alternative approaches to their professional activities, venturing far outside the typical or expected. With the freedom to focus on what they do best, Julian's clients enjoy superb levels of professional delivery, higher rewards and deeper levels of professional and personal satisfaction.

Maintaining an expert knowledge of employment law, Julian frequently advises both private companies and public bodies. He also handles a wide variety of legal matters, both alone and in collaboration with international legal specialists. Current cases include a complex tax matter and a commercial property dispute in Switzerland, with previous cases ranging from unfair dismissal to bankruptcy proceedings.

Julian is currently engaged in research at City University, focusing on the integration of change management methodologies in effecting successful organisational transformation.


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