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Euporos Consulting is an organisational psychology consultancy, specialising in leadership development, organisational development, change management and coaching and career management for legal professionals.

Operating across legal, regulatory, financial services and engineering sectors, we have a powerful record of successful delivery of the most challenging of OD projects, including a £multi-million change programme for the 2012 London Olympics and a 2-year transformation programme for the FCA (previously the FSA).

We are increasingly engaged in high performance coaching in the legal sector, utilising strength-based approaches to assist lawyers in realising their full potential. Identifying those areas in which our clients are naturally gifted and professionally excel, we work with them to elevate their performance to a level of outstanding achievement. Generating new ideas through Appreciative Inquiry (AI), we encourage them to explore alternative approaches to their professional activities, venturing far outside the typical or expected. With the freedom to focus on what they do best, our clients enjoy superb levels of professional delivery, higher rewards and deeper levels of professional and personal satisfaction.

We also provide a full coaching service to barristers and solicitors who wish to maximise their chances of success in the QC Competition for England and Wales. For further information, please visit our sister website:


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